Acts of Kindness

Whether you want to call it “Acts of Kindness” or “Paying it Forward”, it’s all about a spontaneous gesture towards someone or something that involves kind words and deeds without expecting anything in return. Most are such simple things, but can mean so much to their recipients. These “acts” are seen all around us, by all kinds of people, even here at Colonial Terrace Animal Hospital.

A client who works at a motel, donated several blankets when it had been remodeled to offer more comfort to our boarding dogs, instead of just having them thrown away.

Random, anonymous credits have been placed on a client’s account by a friend or family member.

Recently, a wonderful, caring pet owner donated some money that she wanted placed on one or more clients accounts to help with future health services for their pet(s). The clinic decided on 2 recipients that will definitely benefit from this donation the next time one of their pets need vaccines or other medical treatment.

As sad as it is to lose a beloved pet, some owners have brought in some of their pets belongings (bedding, blankets, cat trees) to donate to other pet owners. Even in their grief, they think of others.

During the Holiday season, so many of our thoughtful clients keep the staff surrounded by all sorts of yummies (storebought / homemade candies, cookies, donuts / bagels, fruit trays, etc). For weeks before Christmas, we are given tasty treats and big thank yous for helping take care of their beloved furrbabies. They aren’t looking for anything in return – just passing on their gratefulness.

These are just a few examples of what we see from our wonderful “extended family of pet owners”. We are very grateful to be able to help keep our “furrbabies healthy and safe!”