Environmental Enrichment

Obesity and boredom are unfortunately very common in indoor pet cats. This can lead to many health problems, like diabetes and arthritis. The boredom can sometimes lead to obsessive and destructive behaviors that can diminish the bond we have with our cats. Therefore, it is important to provide your cat with a home environment that stimulates their mind and natural curiosity and tendency to explore and observe the world around them. Cats are hunters, so one way to provide them this opportunity is to hide treats around the house, of either food or a special tasting treat. The activity involved in finding the food is good for their physical and mental health. If your cat is on the heavier side, keep the treats small and light. Window perches also provide your cats the ability to see outdoors and watch the birds and squirrels they so love to stalk. Cats prefer to look down on their environment, so higher perches around the house allow them to get the vantage point they prefer to feel comfortable and more in control of their surroundings. It also allows them safe places away from other household pets, like dogs, when necessary. Many cats can be trained to go outdoors on harnesses for walks. It is often done best when started at an early age, but allows them a taste of the outdoors, with the necessary supervision to prevent any accidents from happening.