Paws for the Cause 2019

Dogs are amazing creatures and when they have a job to do, it is wonderful what they can do for us. For a number of years we have done Paws for the Cause. This year we are sponsoring Deafinitely Dogs! They are an eastern Iowa volunteer service group.

Recently we have had a couple of trained service dogs join our practice. They have all talked about how getting a service dog has changed their life and only for the good.

It doesn’t just effect the life of the person who has the service dog it effects so many others. Deafinitely Dogs talks about the ripple effect that one dog has and how many lives it touches?

Family and Friends



Family Members


Medical and Care Teams

Doctors, Nurses, Medical Teams

Therapist, Physical Therapist

Pharmacist, Support Group Members


Employer, Coworkers


Organization and Volunteering

The Strangers saying “Hi”

Dogs are amazing! Come and help us support this very good cause during the month of November!