Pet Boarding

We provide boarding for dogs, cats, and a variety of exotic animals that are currently patients at Colonial Terrace Animal Hospital. We realize being away from home can be stressful for your pet and we do our best to ensure they enjoy their stay with us. All dogs and cats need to be current on required vaccinations for boarding.




We have 18 indoor/outdoor dog runs, that have doggy doors that are kept open as much as possible, weather permitting. The dogs are also allowed in our outdoor exercise area twice daily. Our facility has air conditioning and is heated so the animals can be comfortable year-around. We provide soft blankets for each dog and feed Purina EN Dry food. We will feed dogs canned Purina EN if they are not eating well during their stay. We provide a complimentary bath if your dog is staying three nights or more.




Our cats now have their separate area for boarding. We have taken special measures to ensure our feline friends have the comforts of home, with soft beds and natural sunlight. We feed Purina Pro Plan Savory Adult to the cats during their stay.




You are welcome, but not required, to provide your pet’s food during their stay if they are on a special diet. We ask that you mark it with your pet’s name and the amount you feed at each meal or place each meal in pre-measured meal bags. Please feel free to bring along a toy or special treat for your pet, marked with their name. (we are not responsible for pet possessions). If your pet is on any medications, please bring enough to get them through their stay, and provide instructions on how often it is to be administered. If your pet is a diabetic, we may board them at the hospital to allow closer monitoring by our technicians and doctors to insure they are eating properly before insulin administration. We may also periodically check your pet’s blood sugar if they are not eating well to insure we are dosing the insulin correctly.




We also board some exotic animals, such as birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, and lizards. For these pets, we ask that you provide the cage, food, and any special instructions on their care written out for us.




We also offer nail trims, and any necessary veterinary services for your pets during their stay at your request.

Have a question about our pet boarding options? We’re here to help. Submit a message below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.