Pet Microchipping Dubuque IA


Pet Microchipping in Dubuque, IA

Microchips are one of the best ways to ensure if your pet gets lost, you can be reunited with them. A small rice-size chip is implanted with a needle under you pet’s skin. Each chip has a unique id number that goes to a national database. All animal shelters screen animals being brought in for the presence of a microchip, and if one is found, they can access the database to help find the owner.

Pet microchipping can be done during a routine office visit, but some people prefer to have it done while their pet is sedated for other procedures, such as a spay or dental procedure. The chips we use are through AKC and include the registration, which we do for you. This includes insertion of the chip and the registration. It is a one-time cost to you, and does not need to be renewed like some other types of microchips.

Having a microchip can also ensure your pet receives the care it needs in emergency situations. We have had animals brought in after being hit by cars, with no collars or tags, that need emergency treatment. With microchips, we have been able to quickly identify the pets and contact their owners to expedite the treatment their pet needs. Microchips are also invaluable during natural disasters, such as tornadoes when many animals and people get displaced from their homes. Most animals adopted through our local shelters have been microchipped at the time of adoption.

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