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Pet Loss

Pet Loss Support in Dubuque, IA

Saying Goodbye to Our Pets

It is never easy to say goodbye to our pets.  They have become a part of our family, working their way into our heart, offering unconditional love, and trusting us to take care of them. There is no tougher decision an owner faces than realizing their pet’s quality of life has declined.

At Colonial Terrace Animal Hospital, we understand this.  We will help you determine when that right time is, and offer options and arrangements for the remains of your pet.   It may also contribute to providing you with peace of mind in knowing that you’re doing what is best for your pet.

We offer a private area in which to spend time with your pet.  This will allow you to say your goodbyes, sitting together with the important people in your pet’s life.

We offer a complimentary paw print that is made by an impression of your pet’s paw into clay. This will give you a forever keepsake of your pet.

No matter where you decide to spend your last moments with your pet, we are here to help.  Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have or submit your questions in the form below if it’s hard to talk about it over the telephone.

Cremation Services

Colonial Terrace Animal Hospital offers two different cremation services for pets.  With a private cremation, your pet is cremated alone, and you will receive their ashes back in a wooden urn.  Another option is a mass cremation, in which your pet may be cremated with other animals, and the ashes will not be returned to you.

Contact Us About Your Pet’s End of Life Care

At Colonial Terrace Animal Hospital, we are here for you and your pet. Contact us to discuss your options.