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Wellness Exams

Pet Wellness in Dubuque, IA

We offer individualized pet wellness plans, that include the many aspects of preventative care your dog or puppy will need through their lifetime. Different dogs will have different lifestyle needs, and so we have a few different plan options to choose from.

Vaccinations (shots)

Core Vaccines

The Rabies and Distemper / Adenovirus / Parvovirus/ Parainfluenza vaccinations are something all puppies should have. The DAPP vaccine is started around the time your puppy is weaned at 6-8 weeks, while the rabies is administered after 12 weeks of age. After the first year, the dog should receive a booster shot and then again every three years after that.

Other Vaccines

Some vaccinations that should be considered depend on upon your pet’s lifestyle. We will help you decide what’s best for your pet in their vet exam.

Bordatella (Kennel Cough) is a contagious respiratory disease that is easily transmitted through the air when dogs are in close contact, such as in a kennel. It is highly recommended that dogs who go to groomers be vaccinated, and is required for dogs that are boarded at licensed boarding facilities or attend doggy daycare programs. It is also recommended for dogs who go to dog shows or obedience classes.

Lyme vaccination is recommended in areas where the disease is endemic in the tick population. We have seen a massive increase in the number of Lyme Positive dogs in Dubuque, so if your pet is walked in the grass or woods, it is at risk for exposure to ticks carrying the disease. We test for exposure to Lyme disease when running annual heartworm tests.

Leptospirosis vaccination is advised for dogs exposed to wildlife or farm animals. The bacteria is spread through the urine of infected animals and can cause life-threatening kidney and liver disease in dogs. It can transmit from dogs to their owners, so vaccination of dogs at risk is advised not just for their protection, but also to protect family members.

Other Routine Wellness Services

Heartworm Disease is transmitted by mosquitoes and is fatal to dogs who go untreated. The worms develop within the heart and pulmonary vessels of the dog and cause congestive heart and liver failure. The use of a monthly heartworm prevention year around is advised in the Dubuque area. The American Heartworm Society recommends that animals be tested annually for heartworm disease. This test prevents potentially fatal reactions and detects heartworm disease at the earlier, more treatable stages. It also ensures the preventatives are working.

Fecal Examinations are recommended to be done for your pet at least annually to help detect intestinal parasites. Since our pets have a tendency to have their nose down to the ground, and often ingest many things, they shouldn’t, they are more likely to pick up harmful parasites. At least 90% of puppies and kittens are infected with at least one parasite, usually transmitted from their mother while nursing. Some of these parasites can be spread to us, so it is important when we share our home with our pets, we make sure they aren’t sharing their parasites with us.Call today to set up an appointment to have your pet properly vaccinated.

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