veterinary surgery in dubuque ia


Veterinary Surgery in Dubuque, IA

In addition to spay and neuter surgeries which we perform every day, Colonial Terrace Animal Hospital also performs a variety of both soft tissue and orthopedic pet surgeries.

Some common soft tissue surgeries include:

  • Cystotomies (removal of bladder stones)
  • Skin tumor removals, and gastrostomies (incisions into the stomach, usually to remove objects animals have eaten).

Common orthopedic surgeries include:

  • Repair of ruptured anterior cruciate ligaments in knees
  • Patella (kneecap) repair procedures
  • Intramedullary pinning of fractures

We do have a Mobile Board-Certified Veterinary Surgeon that comes in to perform more advanced surgical procedures, like bone plating and TPLO stifle procedures on our patients as needed. This benefits our patients and owners, by offering the option of having procedures done locally, thus avoiding traveling to referral hospitals and the extra costs associated with that.

Keeping Your Pets Safe and Pain-Free Is Our Goal

We take several measures to ensure anesthesia, and surgical procedures are as safe as possible. We perform pre-surgical blood work and pre-surgical exams on all of our patients to ensure they are as healthy as possible for the procedure. If problems are found, then we either modify the anesthesia protocol or sometimes postpone the procedure if the risk is too high. We place intravenous catheters in all of our routine and non-routine surgeries to ensure we have quick access to emergency medication should the need arise, and also administer fluids to maintain blood pressure during the procedure.
We use a combination of pre-medications that provide pain relief, and then use a gaseous anesthetic to maintain a safe plane of anesthesia for our patients. We use both pre-emptive and multi-modal pain relief for our surgical patients, which means we treat the pain before it happens, and we use multiple medications that work to stop the pain in different ways.

We know that animals experience pain, just like us, and it is our job to minimize that as much as possible for them.

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